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Monday, November 8, 2010

So BEAUTIFUL and NICE info (follow this RULES)

1. For the face is always fresh, radiant and beautiful, wash 5 times a day with "AIR WUDHUK". Do not just dry, let it drip and dry themselves. Then take the prayer rug, prayer, 'zikir', and pray.

2. To get rid of stress, plenty of 'sport'. Simply by increasing the 'SOLAT'. During 'SOLAT', we move the whole body. And then, communicate to Allah with 'zikir' and prayer.

3. For a moisturizer, for younger, use a smile. Not only the lips but also in the liver. Do not forget to whisper 'keyword', , “Allahuma Kamma Hassanta Khalqii Fahassin Khuluqii” (Ya Allah sebagaimana engkau telah memperindah kejadianku, maka perindah pula akhlaqku). (HR Ahmad).- (DOA TENGOK CERMIN).

4. To have beautiful lips, whispered the words of God, do not lie or hurt others, not proud or haughty.

5. For slim body, smooth, regular diet with a fasting 2 times a week, Monday and Thursday. If stronger, better yet Nabi Daud AS (fasting one day intervals). Eat halal food, multiply vegetables, fruits, and water.

6. To develop themselves, spread the greeting. Thus we will be well known and loved.

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