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Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful secret behind the name begins with the alphabet (CAPITALS) reflects the quality of the personality of a person.............

A - Describing a person is smart
B - Effect on others and put away materials
C - Easy to follow, but honestly, ending up in the friendly
D - You are a nervous
E - You really like to find an article by another person
F - You can be independent and do not like to rely on other people
G - A diligent and work hard to live
H - Prioritizing happiness and joy in life
I - always need the attention of other people
J - Not difficult to deal with people who started by
K - You this type of soft-hearted and do not like to keep a grudge
L - Often attract the attention of the opposite sex
M - A bit stiff, but can be a good leader
N - Willing to face any obstacles in the pursuit of dreams and ambitions
O - Like to be alone
Q - I like to expose myself to other people and prefer to live the mystery of
R - You are a strong work
S - Opinionated and strong spirit
T - Romantic person
U- You are a quiet and somewhat difficult to communicate with you
V - Sometimes the attitude is often mistaken for
W - Somewhat slow in action but will do
X - Patient care and diligence
Y - Smart and able to influence others
Z - It is difficult to assess their treatment

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